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Halo Upholstered Bed Glossy White

With dramatic stainless steel hardware, glossy surfaces and smooth marble, contemporary living has never been so striking. Halo stylizes the bold with the soft, offering a deliberate design that promises both comfort and class for the elegant home

Showcases a circular white upholstered headboard with high-power USB chargers on each side, and a stain less steel trim.

Fronts and sides, stain less steel accents, and round stain less steel hardware

9018000QN4-116 Halo Upholstered Queen Bed Halo W 76.75″ D 87.50″ H 84″

9018000EK4-116 Halo Upholstered E-King Bed W 86.50″ D 90.25″ H 84″

9018000CK4-116 Halo Upholstered Cal King Bed W 87.00″ D 88.50″ H 84.25″


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